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Makeup You Don’t Leave The House Without: Avril Lavigne

Most women have certain makeup they prefers not to be seen in public without. They are the things you wear, even to the gym or for that early-morning Starbucks drive-thru run, because you’d feel too naked without them. It could be concealer for those under eye circles, powder to even out your skin, mascara to get your eyes popping, or lip gloss to brighten your mouth.

It can feel like a necessity, especially in a world inundated with images of perfect looking celebrities. But what products do celebrities feel they can’t leave the house without?

Avril Lavigne told CBS Local, “I like black eyeliner and I like lip gloss. And I’m obsessed with mascara.” You’re not likely to catch her without them, even in US Weekly’s “Stars, They’re Just Like Us!”

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

  • Laura

    Hey I always use lip gloss and sometimes eyeliner to go to the public place but in time of going in any function I add an ultra-fine glitter to the eyelid for an extra hint of glamor and the metallic shade to the socket line at the outer corner of the eye and eye line, along with two more layers of mascara to create drama and intensity. I have been getting many tips from a Makeup school which is the leader in training makeup artists.

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