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Not So Perfect Radio Show – Robots

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Jennifer w Paige samp Not So Perfect Radio Show
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nspp radio logo 12 Not So Perfect Radio Show   RobotsOn today’s show Paige, Jennifer and Tony take us back in time to celebrate robots, specifically “The Jetsons” television show. This year marks the 50th anniversary of this classic cartoon. Go back in time to remember the Jetsons. Then look ahead to robots of the future and how robots are making a difference in the way we live our lives today.

Segment 1- Celebrate “The Jetson’s” 50th anniversary

Segment 2- Guest: Chris Hawes, Medical City Children’s Hospital
Surgeons at Medical City Children’s Hospital are performing more robotic surgeries these days because they lead to faster recovery times. Chris will run through the different advances at Medical City Children’s Hospital. Find out more at http://www.mcchildrenshospital.com
Guest: Diane ONeil, Author “Don’t Do What I Did!”
Author Diane ONeil talks about her book “Don’t Do What I Did! – Teaching Teens with Divorced Parents How to Have a Successful Marriage”. Diane offers advice for parents dealing with the teenage years. Visit http://www.YouWontLearnThisInSchool.com for more.

Segment 3- Paige, Jennifer and Tony get back into their discussion on robots. If you could have a robot to do anything for you, what would that be? Find out what robot would make their lives easier!

Visit http://www.notsoperfectparent.com to learn more Paige, Jennifer and the “Not So Perfect” radio show.

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