Interesting Night Ahead For American Idol And Hollie Cavanagh

In a very controversial and widely talked about elimination last week on American Idol, Jessica Sanchez was sent home, only to be saved by the judges. While the save was expected, the way the judges issued the save may have changed this season of Idol permanently.

Many of the experts thought that McKinney’s Hollie Cavanagh was in trouble heading into Thursday night’s elimination. The judges on the show seemed to have turned against the 18 year old Texpoolian (from Texas and Liverpool). While she turned a very good performance of Pink’s “Perfect” the judges didn’t support her as they once did.
When the elimination happened and Jessica was the one out and Hollie wasn’t even in the bottom three the Judges turned on the people who make idol great, the voters.

Randy Jackson stood up on stage after Jessica had been saved and told America to “vote for the best”. Not at all taking into consideration that maybe America had voted for who they believed was the best, not who the judges had latched onto.

With no one eliminated, tonight’s second going of the “Top 7” should be very interesting. No telling if the voting public looks at the way that the Judges treated not only Hollie, but the other five finalists left, and makes sure their votes do not go towards Jessica, who the judges obviously want to win.

Tonight’s show is a “Now & Then” theme. Each finalist will sing a song from now and one from the past.



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