6-Year-Old Gladewater, Texas Boy’s Lemonade Stand Rises $10,000 For Cancer-Stricken Dad

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Gary Buss/Getty Images

Gary Buss/Getty Images

A 6-year-old Gladewater, Texas, boy, Drew Cox, has reportedly taken in more than $10,000 in one day at a lemonade stand he set up to raise money for his cancer stricken dad.

Now that’s knowing how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Drew’s father, Randy Cox, was with seminoma earlier this year. That’s typically a type of testicular cancer, but in Cox’s case it’s non-testicular and tumors appeared in his chest and elsewhere in his body. The condition is treatable with chemotherapy.

Drew wanted to help his dad pay for the medical bills.

“He is so important to me. We like to play with each other. Lots of times we like to play games,” Drew told KLTV.

Randy Cox has medical insurance, but will still have to pay thousands in medical costs. “You know it almost made me cry. It’s nice knowing that my kids care so much for me,” Randy said.

Drew opened his stand on Saturday (April 14th) charging just $.25 a cup. Word spread quickly, and customers came from far and wide. One even wrote a $5,000 check. By the end of the day Drew had raised more than $10,000 for his family.

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