Play Date Waiver Stuns Parents


A mother recently received a shock when her daughter came home from playing at a new neighbor’s house. The neighbors wanted the mom to sign a 4-page liability waiver before her child could play on their trampoline. Parenting website Free Range Kids asks the question, “Is this the new normal?”

Children will play, and they will invariably get hurt. It’s a part of growing up. However, are parents becoming too protective of their children that making friends and play dates are becoming a legal issue?

Even under close supervision with every measure of safety in place, children can be injured. Nothing can be done to prevent that. Bumps, scrapes, and broken bones are a part of growing up. It’s what makes the memories and stories we tell our own kids about our childhood.

What does kind of lesson is being taught to a child when he can’t play with a friend because there is no legal contract in place to remove liability from the parents in the event of an accident?

Food for thought.


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