Madonna Breaks Record, But Did She Cheat Her Way Past Lionel Richie?

Unfortunately for the Material Girl, she didn’t break a good record. Forbes reports that Madonna’s new album, MDNA, has achieved the biggest second week drop of all time, with expectations that it will plummet 88 percent in sales from the first week when official numbers are released on Wednesday.

In terms of hard numbers, that means Madonna expected to go from her No. 1 position with 359,000 albums sold in the first week to selling around 46,000 in the second week. Forbes attributes Madonna’s first week success to the bundling of her CD with concert tickets. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that 185,000 of Madonna’s first week sales came from that deal. If those packages had not been counted as CD sales, Lionel Richie would have beat Madonna out for the No. 1 slot last week.

Lady Gaga faced a similar second week drop-off for her album Born This Way in 2011, which was priced for $1.99 on Amazon during the first week of sales. In her second week, sales dipped 84 percent, from 1.1 million copies to 174,000.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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