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Kevin Bacon And Wife Krya Sedgwick Cousins?

Kevin Bacon and his wife of 24 years, Kyra Sedgwick, just found out that they are distant cousins, with the help of Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Do you think they will move from Hollywood to Arkansas?

Insider is reporting that Gates, a PBS personality who has hosted shows liek “African American Lives” and “Faces of America,” is rolling out a new 10-part series called “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.”

Gates went through the actors background with a fine tooth comb, and it turns out they are related in more ways than just through marriage.

Bacon and Sedgwick, who have 2 children, are actually distant cousins. Too bad they didn’t find that out before the marriage.

  • mimiccpv

    Oh who cares that they are distant cousins? People used to routinely marry their cousins. No wonder they like each other enough to weather 24 years of a Hollywood marriage. Kudos to them! Also I saw on an Awards show that Kevin mentioned that his feelings had been hurt originally by the game of “Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon” but he turned it into a charity. They are great people.

  • mimiccpv

    Aren’t we all distant cousins? Some could even be married to a half brother or sister without knowing if they were adopted. Who cares? And kudos to Kevin for turning around that “Six Degrees of Separation” game that got pinned on him by starting a charity with that name. They are an amazing couple to have survived 24 years in a Hollywood marriage. I admire and respect them both.

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