Wisconsin Grandma Lands Plane After Husband/Pilot Dies

Helen Collins was cool, calm and collected. That is a lot considering the 80 year old had to take the controls of the small plane her and her husband were flying in after her husband just died in the pilot’s seat.

Helen took control and talked to aviation officials with amazing calmness as she was guided to the ground. The audio recordings of the conversation have Collins repeatedly telling officials on the other end she’s low on fuel.

“You better get me in there pretty soon,” Collins says matter-of-factly. “I don’t know how long I’m going to have gas.”

The 45 minute recording shows a woman under control and very calm for the situation she was in. And she doesn’t have a pilot license on top of that.

The couples son, James, said that his mom had spent many hours along side her husband in the small plane but never got her license. She did have some take off and landing lessons some 30 years ago, at the urging of her husband in case of such a situation.

You can read more of the audio transcript here

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