5 Reasons The Hunger Games Will Be Bigger Than Harry Potter

3. Confident Storytelling

Collins manages to tell a story that’s as captivating as it is appalling, . She never goes for the obvious, the easy stuff; she goes for the most gut-wrenching developments every time. The story telling if one of the biggest differences between Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Harry Potter is meant for kids, therefore everything is either good or evil, black and white. There is very little middle ground in the Potter films. The Hunger Games deals with much more adult content. The characters and situations are harder to comprehend, but it’s complexity of the characters make them more real. Every hero has weaknesses, even the worst person can do some good. The Hunger Games deals with shades of gray that draw the audience into the story, and make them beg for more.

2. President Snow

Every great hero needs a villain, and The Hunger Games delivers. Sure Harry Potter has Voldemort, but he is trying to ruin the establishment. Harry is fighting to keep the status quo. President Snow is the establishment. Snow is focused, power-hungry, and absolutely amoral. he has no redeeming virtues and if he has some traumatic childhood back story, we’re never see it. He has a cunning, ruthless mind and he’ll do anything it takes to ensure that he remains president of Panem. Katniss is fighting to change her world for the better. He represents everything that is corrupt and wrong with not only Panem, but with our society.


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