5 Reasons The Hunger Games Will Be Bigger Than Harry Potter

Yesterday we brought you the 5 reasons The Hunger Games will not be bigger than Harry Potter. Today we thought we would bring you the counter to that argument.

So here are 5 reasons The Hunger Games will be bigger than Harry Potter.

5. Irresistible Hook

Much like the Harry Potter books, each of the three Hunger Games books unfolds over the course of a year’s time. While the Games play a part in each of the books, the tone and events of them are very different, tracking an expansive story arc that goes from oppression to rebellion and finally to war. Many non-readers complained the first Harry Potter was slow moving, and took too long to capture the audience. That will not be the case with the Hunger Games. It’s not just a great plot, it’s a great mythology. With a little bit of great storytelling.

4. Fully-Realized and Realistic World

The evil-Capitol, and the lifestyles of the people in the twelve districts creates a fully-realized world that will captivate the audience. Although the life in the Capitol is luxurious and filled with absurdities, at no point can you claim that it is impossible. Harry Potter is based in fantasy, turning some non fantasy fans away, and although The Hunger Games is improbable it still has a strong foundation in reality.


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