5 Reasons The Hunger Games Will Not Be Bigger Than Harry Potter

1. International Flava:

Sorcerer’s Stone played to its base, stocking its cast with U.K. stalwarts such as Richard Harris and Alan Rickman. The Hunger Games has Aussie Liam Hemsworth, but largely filled out its character roles with Americans (Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, etc.). The suggestion here is not that Sorcerer’s Stone cleaned up because of Maggie Smith; the suggestion here is that names like Smith’s do matter to overseas audiences, and that the Jennifer Lawrence-led Hunger Games may leave some money on the table because it stayed true to its U.S. roots—and didn’t try to sell the old sci-fi movie trope that we’ll all sound vaguely British in the near future.

The Bottom Line: There’s only one Harry Potter. There’s only one Twilight, for that matter. And there’s only one Hunger Games. Comparisons are inexact and unfair. What is great for one person, may not be great to someone else.

All I know is that we here at Lite are super excited about theThe Hunger Games,but lets just wait before we anoint it the next great movie series.

What do you think? Will The Hunger Games be bigger than Harry Potter? Give us your answer in the comments.


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