Katy Perry Teases “Part of Me”

Katy Perry is famous for being dressed to the nines, rocking neon wigs and candy-colored makeup, but in her next music video it appears she’s toning down her look. Forget the cupcakes and whip cream bras, for her upcoming “Part of Me” music video, Perry is getting down and dirty in military fatigues.

The 25-second trailer shows the California girl engaging in some intense basic training, coinciding perfectly with the song’s lyrics, “Throw your bombs and your blows.” Overall, it looks like this music video will be taking on a much more serious tone than her other Teenage Dream singles.

The “Part of Me” video is slated for a March 21st release on MTV FIrst. Perry’s video will premiere at 7:23PM EST and be followed by a sit-down with MTV News.

-Sarah Carroll AMP 97.1


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