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Photo by Getty Images

Photo by Getty Images

Gas prices are on the rise. There are worries that gas prices could hit $5 by the summer. With local gas prices creeping towards $4, drivers need all the help they can get finding the best gas prices in the area. Gas Buddy to the rescue!

Gas Buddy is a website and smartphone app that uses user-submitted information to locate the cheapest gas prices in your zip code.

The highest prices for gas in Dallas right now is $4.19 in University Park and $4.09 at DFW Airport. The Best gas prices in the area are $3.49 in NE Dallas and $3.51 at 5 different stations in Rockwall.

For folks in Fort Worth, the highest gas price is $4.19 in Euless near DFW. Mansfield has the best gas prices, $3.54.

You can find Gas Buddy at or in the app store for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones.

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