Teen Mom Amber Portwood Drug Test Dodger

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood is in hot water again.

Allegedly she failed to take a required drug test, and could face the 5-year prison sentence she barely got out of in January.

Last December, Portwood was sentenced to 5 years in prison after a drug arrest, but the judge promised to dismiss the case as long as Portwood completes a drug program. The program requires daily drug testing.

TMZ is reporting that on Monday, Portwood, who is currently serving in home detention, failed to provide a urine sample during a routine drug test.

According to sources Portwood failed to provide a sample, because she didn’t have to go at the time, but no urine still counts as a failed test.

Portwood is due in court Today for a weekly check-up, and the judge is within his power to lock her up for her original 5 year sentence.

Our suggestion for Portwood in the future is to drink lots and lots of water.


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