Get Your Cupcake Fix Any Time At A Cupcake ATM

There are some very clever people out there, and they have a massive sweet tooth. The geniuses at Sprinkles Cupcakes have come up with a way to supply cupcake addicts with a cupcake any time they want one: through a cupcake ATM.

In Beverly Hills, the Sprinkles location is opening a 24-hour cupcake “ATM.” Customers can line up in the store for their favorite cupcake, or they can now line up at a cupcake dispensing machine outside to get cupcakes that are still within a few hours of freshness.

Sprinkles’ Nicole Schwartz explains that the cupcake business is almost a 24-hour operation any ways. The stores close at 11pm, and the bakers arrive at 2am the next morning to begin the day. This means your midnight cupcake could only be an hour or so out the oven. The automats, as they are officially called, will be restocked often with 600 cupcakes of the most popular flavors of the day.

Sprinkles hopes to have a cupcake ATM at all their locations. As if we needed another reason to visit the Sprinkles location on Preston in Dallas to get our red velvet cupcake fix.


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