Gas Is Still Cheaper Than A Lot Of Your Favorite Liquids

The national average price for a gallon of gas is $3.76. While that seems pretty steep compared to paying $1.45/gal in 2002, it’s cheaper by the gallon than some of the other liquids in our daily life. Imagine what you would pay if you bought coffee, soda, cough syrup by the gallon.

In the sodas category, one gallon of Dr Pepper, or 3.79L, costs $7.01. A gallon of Coca-Cola will cost you $6.78.

College students looking to pull an all-nighter by guzzling a gallon of Red Bull will have to scrounge up a whopping $31.84.

Starbucks junkies that shell out $3.45 for a 12 oz tall fancy coffee drink would have to pay $36.92 for a gallon of that favorite drink.

Feeling under the weather? Robitussin normally costs $6.50 for 8oz, but for $103.68 per gallon you could battle a lifetime of sniffles.

Be glad that cars don’t run on printer toner. That costs $800 per gallon.

After looking at what other liquids cost per gallon, $3.76 for a gallon of gas doesn’t seem so bad anymore.


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