Girl Scout Punches Thieving Cookie Monster

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Elmo & Cookie Monster on Midweek Morning Show at Children's Hospital Boston

We couldn’t say it much better than Girl Scout Rachel Johnson, “Who steals from a Girl Scout? I mean seriously, it’s like the worst thing ever.” We completely agree Rachel.

Sadly there are people out there who do steal from girl scouts apparently. Johnson and fellow scout Iravia Cotter were outside a Houston-area Walmart when a man walked up and swiped their cash box. He then ran and jumped in a getaway car. The girls didn’t sit idly by.

The girls chased after the thieves and and Cotton managed to punch on of the men in the face through the passenger window. The troop is responsible for the $200 that was stolen.

“I hope your face hurts from where Iravia punched you,” Johnson said to the perp who might be hearing about this story.

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