Lite’s Review Room – Weekend Movies: “Wanderlust” “Act Of Valor”

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This weekend is all about the movies.   The Oscars are Sunday night and what better way to get ready for the awards show than to head out to the theater and catch a film. 

Julie Fisk, our Queen of the Silver Screen and member of the DFW Film Critics Association, took a look at our first movie for this weekend.


“Wanderlust” stars Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd as a couple who abandon the city and take up life on a commune.
There are many of us out there who can relate to this married couple, George and Linda, who are trying desperately to move forward with their lives.

[photogallerylink id=74173 align=left]They’re looking for a nice home and trying to advance their careers but instead they end up completely unemployed. George gets help from his family but then they have to deal with annoying relatives. Who wouldn’t want to run away to a commune after that? It might be fun to spend the day farming for food and then partying all night with a bunch of attractive hippies. Well that’s how George and Linda end up at the commune called Elysium.

Unfortunately, that’s also when things get exponentially more predictable and ridiculous. How you feel about “Wanderlust” after this point all depends on your threshold for vulgarity. As it turns out, my threshold is VAST so I’m giving “Wanderlust” a B-.

It is goofy, gross & predictable but I laughed like crazy and related to this couple on various levels. Especially during their extended road-trip fight. I have to send out a “congrats” to Jennifer Anniston for finally finding a movie that moves above mediocrity. It’s nice to meet her boyfriend Justin Theroux too, even though he plays a dirt-bag. But Paul Rudd steals the show. He’s adorable, even after producing some of the grossest dirty talk to ever hit the big screen. Ew, I’m cringing just thinking about it.

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