How Much Would Your Toys Be Worth?

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When we were kids, we opened our toys and played with them until they broke, or the next cool thing came along.   Boy was that a mistake.   Here are some toys from our youth that we wish our parents would have just lost in the back of their closet only to be discovered much later in perfect condition.

Star Wars Action Figures: $2000-$6000
Marbles: $5-$100
Stuffed Animals (early 1900’s edition): $5000
Metal Lunchboxes: $50 – $11,500 (Superman with Thermos and original box)
Barbie (Mint Boxed original 1959): $3,500+
Michael Jackson Dolls: $500
Transformers (original): $100
Windup Toys: $4,500
Hot Wheels: $5 – $1000 (per car)
Happy Meal Toys: $2 a piece

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