Arizona Wants Consumer Alert On Airbrushed Ads

When you look at those ads for facial creams or wrinkle creams that show you the flawlessness of the woman who ‘used’ the product. Well more often then not those photos are enhanced with “airbrushing”. Lawmakers in Arizona are looking to get warnings on any airbrushed ads.

The bill’s sponsor hopes to at least raise awareness of body issues that women and girls face as the result these kinds of advertising, even if the law doesn’t get passed.

“We just wanted to bring it to the table and start the discussion,” Rep. Katie Hobbs, a Democrat from Phoenix, told the Arizona Republic. “We need to bring attention to these body-image issues, especially with young girls. Girls need to know that they don’t have to look perfect.”

If the law is passed however, a disclaimer would have to appear on the ad stating “postproduction techniques were made to alter the appearance in this advertisement. When using this product, similar results may not be achieved.”

Would you be in favor of ads having to put disclaimers on altered photographs?

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