$1.7 Million Found In Jamie Oliver’s New Restaurant

Well Jamie Oliver no longer has to worry about his new restaurant in Manchester, England making money.  The place hasn’t even opened and it’s already produced $1.7 million.

During construction of Oliver’s latest eatery construction workers found $1.7 million in the buildings basement. The building is no stranger to the tresures as it used to be home to Midland Bank that was taken over by HSBC in 1992.

During the renovations of the old building workers uncovered hundreds of safe deposit boxes that dated back as far as 1935. When the Bank of England drilled open the boxes they found gold, jewels, master taps from banks like New Order and Joy Division and even an mysterious gun.

The boxes weren’t merely forgotten. They were left behind by HSBC because the boxes were part of the building and couldn’t be removed. Now the boxes don’t even belong to HSBC. The contents have been passed to the Treasury and the department will be looking for the rightful owners or relatives of the owners.

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