Man Sentenced To Dinner Date At Red Lobster

This might possibly be the most awesome court sentence handed down by a judge in history. Joseph Bray of Plantation, Florida may be thanking his lucky stars that he had the brilliant Judge John Hurley presiding over his case, especially since Judge Hurley is sentencing him to mandatory Cheddar Bay Biscuits and all the shrimp he can eat.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Bray found himself in Judge Hurley’s court on a domestic violence charge stemming from a skirmish with his wife, Sonia, during which he shoved her on to a couch. The skirmish started because Bray forgot his wife’s birthday.

Upon hearing the story, Judge Hurley handed down the following sentence. Bray must buy flowers and a card for his wife, take her to dinner at Red Lobster, and then take her bowling.

This rather creative sentence came down as it was obvious that the couple still loved each other and were willing to patch things up in marriage counseling.


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