Looking For A Date For Valentines Day

Meet Wendy. Wendy is a 43-year old professional, and she has never been out on a date on Valentines Day. Not only that, but she has also never had a relationship that lasted more than a couple of months. Wendy is looking for Mr. Right, and she’s come to Gene & Julie for help.

Wendy used to be married to her job. Working a professional sales job that took 1- to 12 hours of her day left her very little time for love, let alone, herself. After almost 9 years, she made change to a regular 9 to 5 job a couple of years ago. Now, she’s ready to find that special someone.

What is Wendy like? She describes herself as funny, direct, and up on current events around Dallas. She loves dramatic movies over action flicks; her favorite movie is Crash. Her breakfast is usually coffee & toast. She likes to volunteer at the North Texas Food Bank and the Boys & Girls Club.

Three guys will step up for a chance at a date with Wendy. We’ll meet the guys over the next three days, and then you can vote on who your favorite is between Guy Thursday, Guy Friday, and Guy Monday. Wendy will decide if she’ll choose the most popular of the three guys or make her own choice, either way, she’s going on a date on Valentines Day at Charlie Palmer Restaurant in downtown Dallas.


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