Man Adopts Girlfriend

John Goodman, a wealthy Floridan, has adopted his 42-year-old girl friend as a daughter to try and protect his assets.

Okay so he keeps is money, but why isn’t adopting your adult girlfriend illegal?

According to Huffington Post, he is about to face an upcoming lawsuit surrounding a deadly car crash.

Goodman’s strategy might actually work in the wrongful death lawsuit that has been filed against him by the parents of Scott Patrick Wilson, a 23-year-old man that Goodman killed when he ran a stop sign in 2010.

Goodman has set up a trust for his two children, and if they parents of Wilson win their case they will not be able to receive compensation from the trust. His girlfriend would then be entitled to the money in the trust, and essentially Goodman could keep all his money. The phrase scum bag doesn’t even begin to describe Goodman.

Sobriety tests revealed that Goodman was twice the legal limit at the time of the accident. Besides the lawsuit he is being charged with vehicular homicide, DUI man slaughter, and leaving the scene of a crime. If found guilty those charges will get him up to 30 years in prison.

So maybe karma will get him in the end.


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