Facebook Comment World Record Attempt

In an attempt to break a Guinness World Record, Cathy Matthews and 106 others have been commenting on one post on Facebook since October of last year.

KTXL-TV in Sacramento is reporting that the post has a whopping 1,001,291 comments.Now that’s dedication.

Matthews and her friends have submitted the post to Guiness World Records and are still waiting to hear back.

The post was written on the wall of a Facebook Group for “Frontierville” fans. Apparently it i still gaining comments.

o facebook record 385 Facebook Comment World Record Attempt

Click Photo To Enlarge Photo Captured from Facebook

With 106 people participating each person has had to comment on the post roughtly 9,300 times.

Facebook changed their commenting system back in March of last year making this eaiser to do, but still 9,300 times is a lot for one person to do in three months.

The current record is held by Roberto Esposito, who set it on June 29, 2011, with 529,335 comments. Well I think it’s time for Roberto to move over, cause Cathy and her friends have crushed that record.

You can read a full interview and see a video with KXTL-TV HERE.


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