Teacher Limits 5th Graders Bathroom Privileges ; Angers Parents

A teacher at a public school in Brooklyn New York has parents enraged because she wont let her 5th grade students go to the restroom more than 3 times a week. The no-nonsense policy is restricted to the Coney Island classroom of PS 90 and the teacher Stephanie Warner says the New York Post.

Under Warners potty policy students get 3 vouchers a week that they can use on bathroom visits.  If a student doesn’t use all their vouchers in a week they can hand over extras for small prizes.

Parent Sandra Leon was notified of the policy when her son told her about the vouchers.  Her son said the vouchers were impossed because Warner thought students’ frequent bathroom visits disrupted the class.


Department of Education spokeswoman told the paper that the school has planned to put an end to the vouchering and made a point that it was not a school wide policy.


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