‘I’m Elmo An I Know It’ Parody Video Is Kid Friendly And Adult Hilarious

The LMFAO hit single ‘Sexy and I Know It’ has been heavily parodied on YouTube, but someone finally took it from obscene to adorable, by making an Elmo parody.

Whether you’ve heard the song before or not, it’s very popular right now.  From the original, the parodies and the videos of little kids singing it, it’s all over YouTube.  So it was kind of refreshing to see a funny, clean Elmo version come out.
Here’s the original video from LMFAO (It’s a little risque):

It’s been parodied numerous times. Here’s one “Santa And I Know It”:

Also this video of a 3 year old singing and dancing to the LMFAO song has gone viral:

But for the first time there is a kid friendly version from the folks over at PAFilms.com:

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