10 Worst Kid’s Breakfast Cereals

We all know that cereal can be a great way to start the day for your kids, but we’ve got the 10 worst ways to start your child’s day.

The Enviornmental Working Group investigated 84 popular children’s cereal brands and found 75% of them failed to meet federally proposed guidelines on what makes food nutritious enough to be marketed for kids.

Fifty-six of the 84 cereals were more than 26% sugar by weight (the recommended max).  Even some of the ones we like to eat (Honey nut Cherrios) were above that recommended line.

Here are the 10 sugariest cereals according to EWG’s study:

10. Kellogg’s Froot Loops Original – 41.4% Sugar

alex timaios 10 Worst Kids Breakfast Cereals

Alex Timaios/Getty Images


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