Video: Little Girl Wins Stare Down Versus Huge Lion

Little Sophia Walker has bragging rights that no other 3-year-old can boast. She faced off against a huge lion and won. The toddler was with her parents at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand when she approached the glass near Malik the lion, who had just been given his meal. What happened as a result is the most epic stare-down to ever occur between a kid and a lion, and it’s what everyone is talking about!

Young Sophia showed bravery in the face of an incensed king of the jungle. Malik the lion had just received his meal when this young upstart visited his window. Perhaps he felt she would take his food or that she looked far more appetizing than zoo food, but he stared off with the 3-year-old before furiously pawing at the window. Sophia, on the other hand, didn’t even flinch.

Adriana Velez, a blogger for Cafe Mom, is inspired by the young girl’s bravery. “Sofie should be an inspiration for parents of girls everywhere. There’s an element here to what I’d like to see in all girls growing up right now — that fearlessness mixed with inquisitiveness,” she writes.

Have a look the fierce toddler versus the ferocious lion!


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