Katy Perry Launching Fake Eyelash Line

Last night, we were wandering around an Ulta in Orange County and we literally though, “What kind of mascara can give me eyelashes like Katy Perry’s?”

After trying on what seemed like seven thousand brands we gave up because a) we didn’t want our eyelashes to fall out and b) nothing was getting us those long, luxurious lashes.

Well, pretty soon, we’ll be able to walk into that same Ulta and walk out with Katy Perry-style eyelashes!

#KatyCats already has two perfumes, Meow and Purr, but the beauty-obsessed lady is looking to expand her empire with expansive lashes via a fake eyelash company called Eylure.

According to a press release from the company, Perry “had a very clear idea of what she wanted to achieve and was involved in every step of the design process.”

Saying that Perry is a huge part of the eyelash designing process, the eyelashes are supposedly a “direct extension of her own personal style.”


[Source: PopCrush]


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