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21 Ways To Use Your Dishwasher Other Than Cleaning Dishes

Right now we’re all about multipurpose machines.  Anything that can perform the function it supposed to plus a multitude of other tasks is a winner to us.  We found 21 different things your dishwasher can be used for.  Leigh Ann and Julie use the dishwasher on a daily basis.  Now if only Leigh Ann could figure out one way to use that other box across her kitchen that gets so hot; she thinks it’s called an oh-ven.

1. Clean kids’ toys. From Legos to rubber duckies, all of your children’s toys can be run through your dishwasher to kill germs and bacteria. (There are some unimaginably nasty things growing on some of those GI Joes …)

2. Cook salmon. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, right? Place the salmon filets on two sheets of aluminum foil. Squeeze on some lemon juice and pat on a little butter. Seal the fish tightly in the foil and place the filets on the top rack. Do not add dishwashing soap. Set the dishwasher on the hottest wash and dry cycle, and let it run through a full cycle. When the cycle is complete, the fish will be cooked just right.  Maybe this will get Leigh Ann cooking?

4. Wash baseball hats. Baseball hats can get extremely smelly. When run through the clothes washer, they lose their shape. However, placed on the top rack of your dishwasher they’ll come out stink-free and perfectly in shape. 

5. Use it as storage space. Ever struggle with where to store your Tupperware? It’s too oddly shaped to fit in a drawer and it takes up too much shelving space in the cupboard. For anyone in need of a little more kitchen-cabinet space, this is the perfect spot for storing your plastic containers.

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