Rob Lowe The New Regis Philbin?

Could “Parks And Recreation” be losing one of its biggest stars to “Live“?

If ABC has it’s way it might.

TMZ is reporting that Lowe,who just finished a two-day stint, guest hosting with Kelly Ripa, has the big wigs over at ABC clamoring for his services because they “loved the chemistry between them“.

Apparently network executives have already contacted Rob’s people about making him the permanent replacement for Regis, but considering he is already a star on a hit TV show Rob was non-committal.

However when TMZ asked him if he could live in New York, Rob said, “We were just talking about that.   I love New York. I love the energy.  It would be a change of pace.  I’m a California boy, but it could be fun.”

Hmm sounds like he maybe thinking about taking the gig.

You can see a video of Rob Lowe hosting ‘Live’ HERE.


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