‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan Offers Advice On New Puppy In The House

When he was 13 years old, Cesar Millan told his mother that he wanted to be the best dog trainer in the world. This Saturday is the debut of an all new season of the Dog Whisperer on Nat Geo Wild. Gene & Julie’s daughter got the opportunity to ask her hero some questions about her new puppy, Reggie.

House breaking a new puppy is a long and often stressful period for not only the humans, but the pets as well. A dog that continues to potty on rugs in a particular room is an indicator that they are not ready for that area of the house, says Cesar. He recommends keeping  the puppy in a room and slowly introducing them to the house room by room.

Cesar also recommends taking new puppies outside every 4 hours, and stay out there long enough for the puppy to relax so they can “go.” Every pet own has had the experience of taking a puppy outside wheren they do nothing but sniff and then come inside and potty. Cesar tells us this is due to overstimulation outside. The puppy’s senses are being assaulted by scents, sounds, and sights, so they will need a few minutes to calm down and relax enough to do their business outside.

When a dog barks at another dog, they are communicating to each other. Cesar encourages pet owners to understand what your dog is trying to tell you so that you don’t send the wrong message. He recommends giving a warning, maybe a “shh,” and then a calming touch to break their attention from the other dog.

Check out the all new season of the Dog Whisperer on Nat Geo Wild this Saturday at 7pm CST!


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