Dallas Man Buys A Mansion… For His 16 Year Old Daughter

Remember when you thought your dad could do anything you asked him?  We still believe ours can.  Sadly we never asked our dad for house.  That is exactly what Kevyn Brooke jokingly asked her father to do.  But in this case Kevyn’s dad Dave Anderson took the joke seriously and bought the house for…$1.8 million.

The house was a steal for Anderson who bought the landmark “Bella Nora” which was listed for $4.4 million. It was the most expensive sale of a house in East Dallas in 6 years.

Mr. Anderson decorated the house with a big pink bow and gift tag, but still had to convince his daughter that he actually went through with the deal a few times before she realized he wasn’t joking. Kevyn will not be living in the house alone of course, her father will move in with her. It has just been the two of them since Kevyn’s mom died when she was only 5 months old.

That is one sweet sixteen gift.


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