Fans Flock To Meet Khloe Kardashian At Dallas City Hall

People came out of the woodwork to get a chance to meet Khloe Kardashian yesterday. The reality TV star and new Dallas resident invited her fans to meet her at Dallas City Hall and bring a toy for Children’s Medical Center.

They started turning up as early as 5AM Wednesday morning. By the time Khloe Kardashian made her appearance, the line wrapped around the building.

Khloe has done lots of work already with the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, as she states in her blog post. Her request for Christmas gifts specifically looked for gifts for the teenagers in the hospital.

“When people give gifts to us, they usually don’t think about teens at a children’s hospital,” says Laurie Holloway, a spokesperson for Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

She couldn’t have had better timing, and thanks to Khloe and her fans, there will be a lot of happy faces at Children’s Medical Center.


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