Leigh Ann & Julie DeHarty’s Real Women’s Stomachs

CBS aired the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last night.  It got Leigh Ann thinking about how these women are not even remotely close to how real women look.  So she and Julie DeHarty took pictures of their stomachs to share with the world with what real women look like.  And they’d like you to do the same. 

If you’d like to, Leigh Ann wants a big photo gallery of real women’s stomachs.  Showing the world that Victoria’s Secret isn’t what we should all strive for.  These women are beautiful yes, but they aren’t real.  UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO HERE for Leigh Ann’s Real Women’s Stomachs photo gallery and prove that beauty is real and honest not what they are showing us on TV all the time.

Here’s Leigh Ann’s Stomach

leigh ann stomach Leigh Ann & Julie DeHartys Real Womens Stomachs

Here is Julie’s Stomach

julies stomach Leigh Ann & Julie DeHartys Real Womens Stomachs


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