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Better Tree: Leigh Ann Or Julie DeHarty

Both women were all over decorating the tree for the holiday season.  Now that both trees are up and trimmed with all sorts of decorations, they both think theirs is the best.  So we ask you, who’s tree is better?

christmas tree e1322596568776 Better Tree: Leigh Ann Or Julie DeHarty

Leigh Ann's Tree

julies tree Better Tree: Leigh Ann Or Julie DeHarty

Julie DeHarty's Tree

  • Brigitte

    The picture just doesn’t show the glory of Julie’s tree! I love the snow on the tree and that tells me it’s a real one… love that as well! Go Julie!

  • linda

    I feel Leigh Ann tree is a better decorated one as it shows more colors. No offense to Julie (love your laugh like crazy) but my own personal opinion is it looks like a snow covered tree with blue lights. Actually with more bright colors (red, gold and brighthter green) would have blown Leigh Ann’s tree out the water. I love you guys and all that really matters is that you like your own tree, right??? Right!!!!

  • Nicole E

    They have silver tinsel at Wal-Mart and Walgreens! I saw it at both stores this weekend – stock up for next year too! I’d love to put tinsel on my little 4′ tree but my cats would most definitely eat it!!

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