Lite’s Review Room: Holiday Movies – “The Muppets” & Arthur Christmas

Our Queen of the Silver Screen, Julie Fisk, took a gander at this animated Christmas movie.

Arthur Christmas

“Arthur Christmas” stars James McAvoy as Santa’s younger son, who struggles to deliver a Christmas present to the one child Santa missed. It’s always around this time of year when the little ones start asking those unanswerable questions about Santa.  How does he make it all over the world?  How does he get down the chimney? If Santa lives at the North Pole, why can’t we see him on Google Maps?

“Arthur Christmas” takes a stab at these questions and the result is a very sweet and surprisingly funny movie. Santa is about to retire and pass the mantel on to his son Steve. His younger son Arthur is filled with the Christmas spirit but is sadly too silly & uncoordinated to be trusted with any responsibility.

[photogallerylink id=62902 align=right]Look, I know what you’re thinking: This movie sounds stupid and I have interest in seeing it. Believe me, I felt the same way and the commercials for “Arthur Christmas” did little to change my mind, but it’s much better than any simple description conveys. It’s by the same people who did “Chicken Run” and Wallace & Gromit,” so there’s a sly British tilt to the comedy. Santa’s workshop has been turned into a high-tech military operation, which is a refreshing twist and the 3D effects make for a fantastic ride in Santa’s sleigh.

It’s definitely worth the extra money for those 3D glasses. My children were completely enchanted by this movie & I was so pleasantly surprised by it that I have to give “Arthur Christmas” a B+. And pay close attention to Grand Santa, played by Bill Nighy. He’s crusty, politically incorrect and he has the best lines in the whole movie!


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