Teacher Makes Students Give Her Foot Massages

A teacher at a South Carolina elementary school is in hot water with parents after picking students in her class to give her foot rubs during class.

The teacher at Batesburg-Leesville Primary School, who has not been named, was disciplined, but still has her job teaching six and seven-year-olds, leaving the community troubled.

It was discovered when one of the students told her grandmother she didn’t want to give foot massages anymore.

Brends Norris, the grandmother of one of the students, took to Facebook to bring up the issue and found six other parents who’s children had reported the same thing.

Ms. Norris taught her granddaughter to tell her if anyone ever touched her, so she wondered why her granddaughter neglected to tell her about the foot massages.  Her granddaughter said “Grandma, you didn’t tell me if I touch someone else, to tell you.”

Norris said being forced to rub her teacher’s feet has caused her granddaughter nightmares at night.


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