Leigh Ann Say’s Panty Hose Are A Fashion Don’t – You Hear That Kate?

L’eggs is getting ready to start an add campaign on TV for the first time in 15 years.  Yes the pantyhose company which has seen it’s sales steadily drop since the early 90’s is trying to get the girls who’ve grown up not really knowing about the product back in.  Apparently Kate Middleton is fond of the shear leggings and L’eggs is hoping to get some momentum from that.  But is Kate enough to bring this back.  What does Leigh Ann think?

Let’s face it…how many woman wear pantyhose anymore?  It can’t be many.  With self-tanner and the popularity of tights, who needs them.  Not to mention they are not comfortable.  And what about if you get a run in them.  Do you really want to go back to stopping a run with clear nail polish?  I think not.  Sorry Kate you are on your own.

Will you wear pantyhose again?

Here is the new commercial from L’eggs


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