The Amazing Ron Washington

By now, the whole country knows who Ron Washington is. They all know how to do “The Wash.” What few have seen, though, is the man behind the mustache. D Magazine writer Michael J. Mooney made the trek to New Orleans  to knock on Ron Washington’s door and get a perspective on who Washington is away from the Ballpark.

While he’s not one of the highest-paid managers in baseball, you’d think that he’d live in a nice big house in a suburb. However, Ron Washington is Ron Washington. He’s a man who bought a house in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward in 1986, lost that house and everything in it to Hurricane Katrina, and rebuilt it a year later. Only half of his neighbors have returned and rebuilt their homes near the shores of Lake Pontchartrain.

While Mooney didn’t get to sit down with “Wash” in his home, he made his way around the neighborhood and talked to the neighbors. They don’t know him as Ron Washington, General Manager of the two-time American League Champion Texas Rangers. To his neighbors, he’s the nice man down the street who mows his own lawn. Mooney says the Washington could be a cable repairman, traveling salesman, or something mundane like that and his neighbors wouldn’t know any different. There was only one boy a couple blocks away who knew the name of the Rangers’ manager.

Read more of Michael J. Mooney’s wonderful profile on Ron Washington from D Magazine.


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