Weird But True Story Of A Frozen Armadillo Attack

It’s making national headlines, and it happened here in Dallas. A man attacked a woman with a frozen armadillo. Yes, a frozen armadillo, and that’s not the strangest part of the story.

The victim, a 57-year old woman from Pleasant Grove, was trying to buy the frozen armadillo from the suspect. She was planning on making a meal of it. The pair had been haggling over the price of the animal when the suspect picked up the chilled critter and threw it at the woman. Not once, but twice. She received a few bruises from the attack.

Detectives have been unable to find the man responsible for the attack. He could face charges, assault with an armadillo, once he’s caught.

Texas Parks and Wildlife prohibits the sale of live armadillos, but some people gained a taste for the strange meat during the Great Depression of the 1930s. They called it “Hoover Hog” or “Poor Man’s Pork.”


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