33 Weird & Wacky Beauty Facts: Part I 1-12

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I want soft skin but I don’t think I’m willing to take a bath in MILK to get it.  On the other hand they also say you can get soft skin by taking a bath in WINE…what?  My first thought is why would you ruin a perfectly good bottle of wine?  Then it hits me…it would take more than a bottle.  Who could afford that?  Even if it was boxed wine (Julie Deharty are you reading this?) it would still add up fast.  These are only a couple of the weird and wacky beauty facts that I stumbled upon.  Oh trust me there are more….but do they work?

Here is Part I of the 33 Weird & Wacky Beauty Facts.  Part II  & Part III.

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 1. Milk & Honey Bath

The lactic acid found in milk is a natural skin softener.  If you don’t want to empty a grocery store of all their Vitamin D, try soaking your hands and feet in small tubs of the stuff to soften those up.

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