10 Vacations That Will Make You A Better Man (page 5)

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Photo by Roy Botterell/Getty Images

Photo by Roy Botterell/Getty Images

bike trip photo by cavan imagesgetty images 10 Vacations That Will Make You A Better Man

Photo by Cavan Images/Getty Images

Cycling Trip
Here’s the thing about traveling by human-powered vehicle: You get a sense of the geography, you get in great shape, and you get a good tan. You become one with the terrain. This is true at home — a lot of U.S. cities are becoming very bike-friendly, with bike-share programs and dedicated paths — and on a vacation somewhere awesome. If you’re handy with repairs and good at planning, you can plan a cycling trip yourself. Otherwise, tour operators like Butterfield & Robinson and Patagonia Biking take care of details like food, shelter and navigation.
Go here: Patagonia, Nepal, Croatia, and Switzerland.

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