Monday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Feeling Rejected By Love

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Tonight’s dilemma is from Rihanna is 30 year-old single woman who has everything but can’t seem to find love.

This dilemma comes from 30-year-old woman who loves her job, loves her friends, loves her home but can’t seem to find a man to love.  Rihanna says she works hard, owns her house, owns her car, belongs to nice gym, goes to a great church.  She has tried dating even being set-up on a date by friends but it never works out.  But wonders why she can’t find a man to love her.  She used to think it was her weight but says she eats healthy and works out and says she’s not nearly as heavy as her other friends who are falling in love and getting married.  Any advice?

What words of wisdom can Delilah give that will help with her dilemma?

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