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Tuesday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Bye to Friendship before relationship

delilah dl1 Tuesdays Delilahs Dilemma, Bye to Friendship before relationship

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Tonight’s dilemma is from Jeannie who has a guy that is asking her to cut-off her friendships with other guys.

Jeannie writes in that she has been seeing a guy for a while,  about 6 months and although they are not officially ‘together’ yet.  He has been having some trust issues with her guy friends from college and wants Jeannie to break off communication and friendship with the other guys.   She didn’t do it.  Although happy she didn’t give up control of her life, she also feels sad that the  relationship is over before they were even a couple and calls it a loss-loss situation.

What words of wisdom can Delilah give that will help with her dilemma?

Listen to Delilah’s Dilemma for Tuesday, September 27th.

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