Lite’s Fall TV Must Watch/DVR List: Day By Day


What to Watch:

7:00-8:00pm: Glee (FOX)

We’re Gleeks.  We aren’t afraid to admit it.  Unless you have a slushee in hand then you never heard that from us.  The show is over the top and unrealistic, but that is what we like about it.   It is pure entertainment.  The songs we almost always know all of them and we get the teenage angst that comes with being an outcast.

8:00-9:00pm: Dancing With The Stars: Results Show (ABC)

Time to find out who’s getting the boot.  Did our votes count as much as we hoped?  The worst episode every year is when our favorite who we know has no chance to win gets kicked off.  Even when we know it’s coming.

What to DVR:

7:00-9:00pm: Biggest Loser (NBC)

We used to watch this show live, then we got hooked on Glee and started DVRing it and we realized how much better it is to fast forward through some of the stuff and get to the weigh-ins and the voting.  It’s a two hour show and we can normally watch the entire thing in about 45 minutes.  With nothing coming on after the DWTS Results show it is the perfect way to end a night of TV watching.  Season Pass on the DVR!


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