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Lite’s Fall TV Must Watch/DVR List: Day By Day


What to Watch:

7:00-9:00pm: Dancing With The Stars (ABC)

The season premiered last week, but we’re in.  We love to see who has the moves and who needs to go. Metta World Peace (AKA Ron Artest) is already gone (Thank God).  Who will be the next to go?  Who will have the stamina to make it until the end?  Will someone fall over?  Will anyone quit?  Are there too many questions?  We have to watch!

9:00-10:00pm: The Playboy Club (NBC)

We watched the first episode last week and were pleasantly surprised.  We didn’t have high hopes, but we drawn in early and now we’re hooked.  The story has some depth and some interesting possible story lines between some bunnies, some mob guys, and Hef’s voice (which is all you hear of the leader of Playboy).  Another period drama, we’ll see if it can hold up after a very successful first episode.

What to DVR:

7:00-7:30: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Neil Patrick Harris carries this show, but without the other four in this new age ‘Friends’ with a lot less inhibitions and just as much in-dating the show works.  It’s always worked and every girl that Ted meets you wonder if it will be the final girl for this series.  In actuality you have to give the writers credit, they produced a weekly sitcom with one of the easiest outs in TV history.  There will be no  cast sitting in a jail cell or cheesy fade outs that leave you still hanging.  The show will end when Ted meets the mother of his children. Hopefully that isn’t this season.  Season Pass on the DVR!

7:30-8:00pm: 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

We’re not overly convinced on this show about a diner waitress and an heiress who losses her money and has to get a job.  We can relate to being broke and having to find whatever job pays the bills so we’ll give it a shot.  5 Shows DVR.

8:00-8:30pm: Two and a Half Men (CBS)

With Charlie Sheen gone and Dancing with the Stars back, Two and a Half Men falls to our DVR.  We’re willing to give Ashton Kutcher a shot.  The season premier last week wasn’t bad, but we’ll have to really get some good laughs in the next few episodes to allow this to keep it’s spot.  5 Shows DVR.

8:30-9:00pm: Mike & Molly (CBS)

We were so happy for Melissa McCarthy for grabbing the Emmy in Mike & Molly.  She is a super funny girl and really our favorite part of the back end of the CBS Comedy Night.  Season Pass on the DVR!

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