Lite’s Review Room: Weekend Movies – ‘Drive’, ‘Straw Dogs’ & More!

Another weekend is fast approaching and that means more movies for us to go and see!  This week Ryan Gosling is starring and driving, Sarah Jessica Parker is a strong very busy business woman and Kate Bosworth has to deal with a crazy ex boyfriend.

Lite’s Review Room was wicked excited at this weeks batch of films.  ‘Drive’ (Ryan Gosling, um yes please), ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ (SJP back and stronger than ever) and ‘Straw Dogs’ (Kate Bosworth’s thriller re-make).

We’ll get started with the SJP in her newest starring role:

I Don’t Know How She Does It:

Sara Jessica Parker stars as the super busy mom/business woman Kate Reddy who is trying to balance her home life and her demanding job.  Boy this sounds familiar.  As Kate comes up to head a big deal for her company she is missing thing at home like her boys first hair cut and just some alone time with her husband.  The story seems fairly predictable, but the story is also some that so many women can relate to.  We think this movie has perfect get away from the kids night/date night written all over it.


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