Keller’s Drive-In Is What’s Hot! For Burgers In Dallas

Does anybody remember drive-in burger joints? Not Sonic Drive-Ins, but a real drive-in burger joint. You can find a genuine drive-in right here in Dallas, and according to USA Today, Keller’s Drive-In is one of the 10 best places to chomp into a hamburger, and Steve Kemble says this is “What’s Hot!” today!

While Sonic has slicked up the drive-in burger experience, Keller’s Drive-In is pure old school. You drive up to a menu, flash your blinkers when you’re ready to order, and watch the guy behind the window chop onions and grill burgers.

Among the recommended items on the menu is a “Smashburger.” No, not that other burger chain. A “Smashburger” is a ball of ground beef literally smashed flat on the grill. Another recommended item is the Number 5; double meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese & special sauce all on a soft poppy-seed bun.

There are 3 locations around Dallas. One on Northwest Highway, one on Harry Hines Blvd, and another on Garland Road. Drive on up for one of these fabulous burgers!


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